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Terms of Service


The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) set out here govern the use of StadtSehen. All offers and services of StadtSehen are subject to the terms and conditions listed here. The use of StadtSehen is only allowed if these terms and conditions have been approved.


StadtSehen is a service of 200grad GmbH & Co. KG. This service gives companies and individuals the ability to publish posts at any time on StadtSehen.

Publishing of posts

The contents of the posts are the sole responsibility of the publishing person. For the contents of the posts the 200grad GmbH & Co. KG no responsibility.

The creator of a post commits himself not to violate copyrights. In the event of illegal content, an immediate blocking occurs. In the case of legitimate inquiries from investigating authorities and right holders, we will provide information accordingly and work together with them.

The following content is prohibited in the posts:

  • Immoral content and insults
  • Punishable and unlawful content
  • Pornographic and violence-glorifying content
  • Religious content of any kind

Liability / rights of third parties

There is no guarantee for the release of the set posts. Posts are set at the creator's own risk. For legal consequences due to a set post is the sole responsibility of the post creator. StadtSehen is not liable for consequential damages and damages due to discontinued posts. StadtSehen accepts no liability for the infringement of rights of any kind by third parties through set posts. StadtSehen takes possible rights violations of any kind very seriously and follows all the clues. Rights holders are supported under the legal guidelines.

Jurisdiction / applicable law

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract is - if legally permissible - the seat of 200grad.

Final provisions

Should individual provisions of the party agreements be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, the parties will replace the invalid provision with an effective provision that comes as close as possible to the commercial purpose of the invalid provision. The same applies to any gaps in the agreements.

General terms and conditions of the customer are not part of the contract.